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Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine is a holistic style of healing that weaves together modalities including energy clearing and chakra cleansing, soul retrieval, ancestral wisdom, reiki and sound healing.  Fatua has learned these ways through the lineage of the Qero’ people, medicine men and women of the Andes mountains, and has taken her other teachings and abilities and interwoven them into the session.

The Andean peoples recognize everything is made of energy and all is interconnected, we are much more than the human body. We are a soul incarnated into this existence. We are vastly expansive, therefore if someone is in need of healing, it is not just the physical body that needs to be addressed, but the energetic body as well.  ​​


Sessions may include:

​Chakra clearing

Extraction of energy (or entities) that do not belong in your body or energetic field

Soul retrieval & ancestral lineage clearing

Shamanic journeying


Sound Healing: clearing with my voice using various tonalities, songs, and instruments


About the Healing Journey​

Chakra cleansing:

Chakras are various energetic centers in your body that begin at the base of the spine and channel up to above the crown of your head. Each chakra correlates with various emotions and physical or mental attributes in the body. Stagnant energy, trauma, heartbreak, grief, etc. tend to get stored in a particular center. The chakra may be cleared so this energy can move and be revitalized with healing light. ​

Removing and releasing stagnant or “crystallized” energy:

Some forms of energy may be carried with you from lifetimes past, from your current family lineage, projected onto you by others, or unconsciously allowed into your body and energetic field. These energies keep you from living your full potential, and may limit you physically or emotionally. These are removed so you can have more freedom.​

Entity removal:

Oftentimes an entity, spirit, or unsettling energy may be residing in your energetic body or field. Such energies can deplete your life force energy and cause you to feel unlike yourself.  The energy is extracted out of the body so it can go on to another place where it may be healed, and your life force restored.

​Soul Retrieval:

Soul loss is the process where a part of the soul leaves the body as a result of trauma, pain, or a scenario that caused it to not feel comfortable residing in the body anymore.The lost parts are found and reintegrated back into your body so you can feel at home and whole once again. This process is also used to assist healing ancestral karma.​


Laying of the hands, unseen life force energy flows through to promote healing and relaxation​

Sound healing:

May include vocal toning, channeled songs and light language, and instruments such as rattling, drumming, singing bowls, and flute​


Prayer, plant teas, essential oils, incense and plant medicines, and other shamanic tools may be also be used.

​Energetic Exchange: $155.00- $222.00

Sessions run 1-2 hours​

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