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Welcome beautiful one, 

My passion is to serve as your guide on a transformational journey of healing and self introspection, so you may evolve into your next phase of life enlivened, inspired, embodied in your truth, and connected to your mind, body, spirit, and the earth. 

I am a certified psychedelic integration counselor, kambo practitioner, rainforest medicine facilitator, and mystical musician. My service as a bridge between earth and spirit also involves sound, soul retrieval and energy clearing.


With deep respect, I honor that so much of my experience comes from the teachings and wisdom shared to me from my Shipibo, Matses, and Andean maestros (teachers) in the Amazon and Andes mountains of Peru.

 I am also initiated into mediumship traditions with the Shona people of Zimbabwe. 

Through these ancient pathways, I have learned to connect to my ancestors, soul song, and awaken the unique medicine I carry in my own bones. 

I spend part of my time each year co-facilitating medicine retreats in the Amazon rainforest with a beautiful team of individuals; my friends and maestros native to the jungle and the lands of Peru. We would be honored to 

 support you on your journey of healing and self discovery in the ancient ways of the forest.


I look forward to connecting and being of service on your path.


With love, 


Psychedelic Integration

Psychedelic Integration

Whether you are preparing to embark on your first psychedelic journey, navigating a recent experience or one from years prior, or are well-acquainted with the psychedelic medicine space, one of the most potent means of support you can have is a one on one container for continued support and navigation of the insights received on your journey. 

Journeying with earth medicines is not always easy, and can awaken things deep within our psyche about ourselves that gives way to spaces in need of deep introspection. 

Even with regular therapy, if the therapist is not personally familiar with navigating psychedelic realms, they are not necessarily able to hold the space for understanding what their client is going through, because the spaces activated through expanded states of consciousness are very different than the space we navigate in our regular daily lives.

Fatua has been exploring psychedelics for most of her life, and has been deeply immersed with sitting with and learning from ayahuasca medicine and her teachers in the Amazon rainforest since 2018. In addition, she assists in the medicine retreat space and is familiar with the processes people endure when working deeply with the medicine.


Fatua is passionate about offering a safe, reflective, and transformative space for exploring the inner self, including themes such as inner child healing, understanding past traumas, relationships, self-care, navigating visions and emotions, and other various parts of the psychedelic experience and how it relates to our human life. She helps you to take what you have received from the medicine and integrate the teachings and wisdom into your life so you can blossom forth into an expanded version of you are who are meant to be. 


Fatua offers one on one consultation sessions and long term integration containers. 

Amazon Rainforest Medicine Retreats

Join Fatua in the jungle for a life-changing experience in the lungs of the earth. The Amazon rainforest is full of ancient medicine, beauty, and wisdom, that will restore your connection to the universal consciousness of love, mother nature, and the divinity that you are. 


Heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually with sacred medicines the forest has to offer, facilitated by our highly skilled Shipibo curandero Loyver Yui, assisted by Juan Zuniga, Fatua, and our bilingual and multicultural medicine team. 


If you are in a new season of your life, searching for more purpose and clarity, desiring to release and let go of patterns, heal inner wounds, clear ancestral and family trauma, expand into more love for life, gain a new perspective & enliven your path, this journey may be for you. 

Schedule & Connect Here

Fatua resides in Taos, New Mexico, where she is available for in person ceremonies & sessions. She also offers services over the phone & zoom.

*Fatua lives & works in the Peruvian Amazon the first few months of the year and is out of the country often. The best way to reach her during this time is through whatsapp; by visiting this site on your mobile phone you will have the option to message her there directly. Thank you for your patience in her response.*

To schedule or inquire, please connect via email.


Ceremonies: sliding scale

Kambo Ceremony: $150.00- $222.00

Energy & Sound Healing Session: $150.00- $222.00

Rainforest Retreats: *see retreats page*

Psychedelic Integration

Initial consultation call: $55.00

1 hour integration call: $130.00 

Integration Packages:

1 month container (4 calls): $520.00

3 Month container (12 calls): $1464.00

*option to extend

Psychedelic Integration containers have zoom calls once per week.

*Discounted rates for Taos locals

Love Notes

I was hoping to detox physically and emotionally with a focus on energetically cutting cords. The session went well above my expectations. Not only did it accomplish all of my intentions, I felt moved and grounded in a way I’d never experienced. It was cleansing and healing, and truly magical. 


I HIGHLY recommend working with Fatua and have told many loved ones of my amazing experience. I felt supported, understood, safe and loved during the entire experience. Fatua is incredibly present with you and tuned into your needs. It was both intimate and empowering. She gave me a detailed run down of the medicine and what to expect, so I was never nervous. She tended to all my needs and held a beautiful ceremony. After I felt like I lost 100 pounds of emotional weight and felt clear and energized. I felt so connected to this beautiful sacred earth and had a strong sense of presence. It’s been a month since my ceremony and I still feel the benefits of the medicine. I will definitely be back to have Fatua serve me and it’s an honor to work with her in this way. She’s an incredible healer!

-Sara M.

My intention was to clear an entity from my field and the session was incredibly impactful. Fatua was able to track where the energy was hanging out in my sacrum and used the rattle to assist in the the removal. There was also a 2nd session of an integration of my higher self. Fatua was able to share what she could see and provide relevant self care recommendations for post session.

Everything she did felt right for me and aligned with my own inner vision and physical experiences in real time. I have been working in the energy medicine field for 13 years and received authentic healing from Fatua. She is a gifted healer. I highly recommend her.

-Asheeliyah I.

My hope was to break out of a depressive state I was in. The session helped me begin healing and learning to manifest my own reality. I recommend her. She’s sweet and made me feel welcomed and calm.

- Celeste S.

This Mystical Life Podcast

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